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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 01:12


Holiday Hours 


Shaid will be closing at noon on Christmas Eve.

Closed to the public on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Closing at noon on New Years Eve.

Closed to the public on New Years Day.


Any other day, SHAID is open regular hours, 11-3.


Any questions, please call 902-543-4849.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 13:09
Cats, Kittens and S.H.A.I.D.
2014 has been another busy year at S.H.A.I.D. and since January to present, the shelter has taken in 212 strays, abandoned, homeless or unwanted felines.  S.H.A.I.D. endeavours to help as many of these cats/kittens by attempting to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes.
S.H.A.I.D. also strives to educate the public in responsible pet ownership and promotes the spaying and neutering of pets, and therefore would like to take the opportunity to provide SHAID’s policy on the intake of felines.
Lately, staff has noticed an increase in felines being brought to S.H.A.I.D. with the expectation that they can be dropped off and the shelter will take them in.  Staff only wishes it could be this easy, unfortunately, like all other rescues/shelters in Nova Scotia and beyond, there are long waiting lists.  
S.H.A.I.D’s waiting list ranges from 50-150 felines on average hoping to find shelter.  We would absolutely love to take every cat/kitten that comes through the doors, and we eventually can…. but it takes time, patients, and understanding.  If you haven’t called and had your name added to our wait list, then you will be turned away if there is no space available, whether you have a stray or unwanted cat/kitten.
At S.H.A.I.D., we have an intake process to follow which includes the following:
  • we only take new cats/kittens if space is available in the quarantine room; and
  • once space becomes available, we call those who are registered on our waiting list.
These kind folks have been caring for the cat/kitten, while they wait and sometimes it can be a long wait.  S.H.A.I.D. is so thankful to people who has cared for a feline that are not theirs with love and kindness.
So, what is the quarantine room you might be asking?  It is a room for new arrivals to the shelter and only staff is permitted to enter.  Calls are made from our wait list, for up to 15 felines and they all arrive within a few days.  The room is then closed the same day the last cat/kitten arrives, which means NO new additions for a 2-week period.  For the safety of these new cats/kittens and our existing residents they are confined to this room for the quarantine period.  During this period they are examined by our vet, and tested for feline leukemia, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and treated for fleas.  This also provides an opportunity for staff to get to know their personalities, which, helps potential adopters find the best match for their home and family.  After the 2 weeks has passed, providing all cat/kittens are healthy and we have enough empty cages, the cats/kittens are then moved to the general rooms for adoption.
You might have visited S.H.A.I.D., noticed several empty cages…, and wondered why staff told you the shelter was full?  This would be an indication that there have recently been adoptions!  HOORAY!  These cages are now waiting for the cats/kittens that have been in the quarantine room for two weeks.  The shelter NEVER adds un-quarantined cat/kittens to the general adoption rooms.  This is not done for the simple fact that we don’t risk placing sick or unhealthy felines in with healthy felines, as this could cause every cat to become sick.  We hope you understand, as S.H.A.I.D.’s policy does not permit this to happen.
Once the quarantine room is empty, staff begins a 4-6 day cleaning process to ensure that it is disinfected from top to bottom and it is ready for the next group of cats/kittens that have been waiting.  This cycle never stops.  So please understand when staff explains they are unable to accept any cats at that time of your visit.  In fact, it breaks their hearts on a daily basis, to say there is no room.  S.H.A.I.D. asks that you be patient, and understanding as this is a difficult position staff are placed in and they are unable to change the process.  We are a small Shelter that does all it can to help as many as it can.
A few more points we felt may be of interest:
  • S.H.A.I.D charges a fee for relinquishing any owned cat, kitten, dog, or puppy;
  • S.H.A.I.D. does NOT take feral cats/kittens as they cannot be cared for and they are un-adoptable,
  • S.H.A.I.D does offer Trap and Neuter (TNR) to anyone local wanting to care for feral cats/kittens, please contact S.H.A.I.D. for details.
  • S.H.A.I.D. is non-profit and cannot reimburse peoples vet bills, we do offer the Myrtle Quigley program to help with spay/neutering, but ONLY for owned pets of local people that cannot afford to pay the full cost.  Forms are available at S.H.A.I.D.
  • S.H.A.I.D. calls in cats/kittens on entry waiting lists in the order of urgency, which means strays, are first, and owned cats are typically last.  S.H.A.I.D understands there are emergencies, but we ask that good planning in situations such as moving you should call well in advance, as this may not be considered an emergency.  We certainly understand that not all apartments/rental properties accept pets, but they are part of your family.
Staff invites you to drop into S.H.A.I.D or call if you have any questions regarding this article.  As always we thank everyone for their kindness, their support, and understanding and S.H.A.I.D will endeavour to continue helping as many animals in distress as possible. 
S.H.A.I.D Board of Directors and Staff.  

Visit us at www.shaid.ca or, visit our Facebook by searching, Shaid Tree Animal Shelter.           

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Friday, 14 November 2014 17:14


If you haven't heard about our Facebook page, check it out at;




We have a wonderful Facebook page with up-to-date info on new pets and adoptions... 



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Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00


Wish List


 Animal Shelters are full of loving pets.


If you would like to offer something to SHAID, here are some ideas:
-Paper Towel(currently have lots)
- Non-clumping litter  <<ALWAYS NEEDED>>
- Canned cat food, pate is the most popular 
- Lysol floor cleaner
- HE laundry detergent
- Cat/dog toys

P.S. If you would like he help feed ferrel cats (TNR), please drop off dry cat food at SHAID
with TNR marked on the bag and we will make sure TNR receives the food. 
And your wonderful smile!    
Thanks!     902-543-4849  Open daily, 11 am to 3pm
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Friday, 04 February 2011 13:21

If possible, give your cat his own room with food and litter for about a week, especially if your new pet is shy or if you have a multi-pet household. Visit often for cuddles and play. If he hides, don't worry. When the food is disappearing, all is well. Other pets will become accustomed to the newcomer's smell through the door. If you are particularly concerned about the adjustment of other pets, you can even change places after a week or so. Allow the new animal out into the home and place the old-timer in the room where he or she will have a great time sniffing. After preparations such as these, there is usually little fuss when the door is finally opened.

Cats are much safer when kept indoors. If you decide to allow kitty to go out, be sure he is wearing ID on a break-free or elastic collar which will release if he should become entangled. Bring him in for supper and keep him in. Never allow a kitten outdoors until she is spayed.

Nails can be easily trimmed and it helps protect your furniture. Just remove the portion that rounds over. Provide several scratching posts. Heavy plastic tacked to tempting corners of your furniture may help divert his attention to a nearby scratching post.

Declawing is not supported by SHAID and other humane societies and should only be a last resort when euthanasia is the only other alternative.

There are so many cats and kittens waiting patiently in shelters across Canada. Please consider giving them a chance to live. Allowing any cat to breed, for any reason, is cruel to the entire species. Hundreds of thousands suffer for want of a home, or are mistreated becasue they are seen as disposable. Anything that is too plentiful tends to be considered unimportant.

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Thursday, 03 February 2011 16:42

When you adopt and adult dog, assume the dog doesn't know very much. Then you can be pleasantly surprised instead of horrified. Take your new dog for a long, on-leash walk. Introduce him to other family dogs in a neutral, friednly place. When you enter your home for the first time, keep the new pet on leash. Watch for leg lifting or other marking behaviours from both male and female dogs. Scold if the dog does this and take him outside. This doesn't mean the dog isn't housebroken. He or she is simply marking this new place as his own. Let the newbie drag the leash around in case you want to pull him off furniture or prevent him from running wildly through your home. Do not allow him to chase the cat, take food from the children or jump on visitors. Make house rules and stick with them from Day 1. If you want your new dog to lie quietly while you watch TV, start right away having him lie beside you. Praise and treat him for lying quietly. Be persistent. You may even have to place the dog in that position, but, eventually, he will lie down. If you are not sure that the new pet will be safe in the house at night while you sleep, you should probably use a crate. Crate train the same way you would with a pup.

With plenty of exercise and training, your adult dog will quickly fit in and become a well-mannered family member. Adult dogs do bond with their new families just as puppies do - sometimes the bond is even stronger because they appreciate you more.

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